Welcome to Tradesmen International's OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Training Course

Workplace safety is the #1 Core Value of Tradesmen International, Inc. We constantly strive to comply with all applicable health and safety regulations, and to provide the safest work environment possible. It is our longstanding company goal to send all of our valued employees home safely each and every night, free from any workplace injuries. Your well-being is important to your family, friends and to me. Please Be Safe!

Joseph O. Wesley President & CEO, Tradesmen International

Employee OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Training

To ensure that our employees have the ability to recognize dangerous workplace hazards and work in the safest manner possible, we offer a free OSHA 10-Hour construction safety training course. This course is delivered through a high quality, interactive online format that we believe ensures maximum comprehension and retention of best safety practices and hazard awareness. Successful completion of the course will provide you with a solid foundation for a safe and productive career with Tradesmen. And because this is an OSHA approved and authorized course, you will receive a U.S. Department of Labor wallet card that documents your achievement. And it never expires!

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Safety is Our #1 Core Value.